3D Sleigh-Go-Round
Soon you will be able to take a ride in a 3D camera obscura sled. The new Kinobox Obscura piece will be ready finally the winter of 2024. The closed cabin sled is based on traditional Finnish napakelkka ("pole sled") that is pushed around and around on ice or snow.
The 3D camera obscura sled is built on the funding by Arts Promotion Centre Finland Central Finland.

Avantgarde Vekkula at #3
Oranssi, Suvilahti, Helsinki 28.8.-8.9.2019
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3D camera obscura bike at Stockfors Art Fair
15.6. - 31.8.2019

Stockfors Art Fair 2019, Pyhtää, Finland
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3D camera obscura boat in Lapinlahti, Helsinki
Summer of 2019

Especially now on Midsummer Eve!
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Avantgarde Obscura presents

Avantgarde Vekkula 8.5. - 7.6.2019
Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland
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3D camera obscura boat in Mänttä!
17.6. - 31.8.2018
The Kinobox Obscura boat free boat rides the whole Summer of 2018 in Koskelanlampi lake in Mänttä Finland.

May 27 2018 - Avantgarde Obscura - 6-9 PM
Diverse Universe Performance Festival

@ Mäkelänrinne Railway Tunnel, Helsinki – May 27 2018 - 6-9PM
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3D camera obscura bike in Lapinlahti, Helsinki
23.8. - 25.8.2017
Local Energy Art Event
Lapinlahti ex mental hospital gardens, next to Venetsia House, Hki
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3D camera obscura bike in Näkymä2017
30.8. - 1.9.2017
Näkymä2017, Akaa, Finaland
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3D camera obscura house in Bielefeld, Germany
An exhibition on Finnish Art
Lehmä pitää viedä jäälle, jotta se tanssii /
Die Kuh muss aufs Eis, wenn sie tanzen soll /
For the Cow to Dance, Drag it on the Ice /

Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie Bielefeld, Germany. 
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3D camera obscura boat in Helsinki
July – August (If the Sun shines maybe even September)
July – August (September?)
3D camera obscura boat in Töölönlahti, Helsinki Finland
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Silvershadow the bike in Pikkis juhlii 2017 festival, Helsinki.
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Kinobox Obscura, the Boat, 2016
The first 3D camera obscura pedal paddle wheel boat in the world!

Pixelache Festival 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy
Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Finland
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The Kinobox Obscura cruises will be available every festival day when the weather conditions are good enough. If it's too stormy or too dark for the camera obscura to operate the boat will stay anchored – but no worries – there's still a chance to experience the camera obscura in 3D. Just hop on the KO Silvershadow Mark 2 – the 3D camera obscura bike rides will be also available on the festival grounds!
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During the Pixelache festival also in Kinobox Obscura docks:
Avantgarde Obscura musical extravaganza! Saturday 24.9.2016!

Artists of the evening are:
- Steve Vanoni feat. Huurunen & Vuoteenoma 
- Godot , Yli-Tepsa & Luokkanen
- Kanttoripoika
- Kikka-Man (Mikko Ensio Lehtonen)

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Pärnu Fideofest (Nordic Tracks festival)
Pärnu, Estonia
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Riga Printmaking Festival
Riga, Latvia
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NOASS gallery, AB Dambis 2, Rīga

Kinobox Obscura Boat Launch Party!
The first 3D camera obscura boat in the World!

Kinobox Obscura Boat Launch Party / Vesillelaskujuhlat

Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Finland
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The first 3D camera obscura boat in the world will see its launching in Lapinlahti former psychiatric hospital in Helsinki the 2nd of July 2016. Kinobox Obscura and Pixelache Festival invite you all to take part in the first 3D camera obscura pedal paddle boat catamaran maiden voyage party in the world!
Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Kinobox Obscura would like to thank Kone Foundation for making the 3D camera obscura boat building possible.
The boat launch party is organized with the help of Lapinlahden Lähde and Osuuskunta Lapinlahden Tilajakamo.

Lifejackets sponsored by Baltic Lifejackets Sweden.

Vicinity Weekend Festival, Lapinlahti, Helsinki

Modern Sky Festival Helsinki 2015
Introducing the 3D camera obscura artbike in Helsinki for the first time!
28 August 2015 - 29 August 2015
Modern Sky festival, Helsinki, Finland
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4 September 2015 - 5 September 2015
Planet Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland
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KO Silvershadow Tour de Baltique 2015
Introducing the 3D camera obscura artbike to the Baltic audiences
1 August 2015 - 2 August 2015
Labadaba music festival, Ratnieki, Latvia
+ Silvershadow [the band] music performance Sat 1.8, 7.30 PM
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3 August 2015 - 12 August 2015
Riga, Latvia
+ Silvershadow [the band] music performances at
6.8 LMS Radošais kvartāls Kombināts Māksla, Riga, Latvia Facebook >>
7.8 MVT Vasaras Māja, Riga, Latvia Facebook >>
8.8 Nabaklab, Riga, Latvia Facebook >>
11.8 ķipis, Riga, Latvia

13 August 2015 - 15 August 2015
Printmaking IN Graafika festival, Pärnu, Estonia
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+ Silvershadow [the band] music performance at
13.8 Katlamaja, Pärnu, Estonia

16 August 2015 - 17 August 2015
Tallinn, Estonia
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Earlier this year (18-19 July):
KO Silvershadow Mark 2 Premiere in Jättömaa Wasteland festival, in Kouvola, Finland

Nov-Dec 2014
3D shadowplay workshop at Laboratorio Arte Alameda (18-22 Nov 2014). The workshop participants made 3D-shadow visuals for Cleaning Women concert held at Laboratorio Arte Alameda 22 Nov 2014.
(The 3D shadow visuals were also used in CW01 solo concerts in "L'Arrosoir d'Arthur", Guernavaca 4 Dec 2014 (feat. Poesiloe) and at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City 10 Dec 2014 (feat. José from Oxomaxoma & Poesiloe))

4 Oct 2014 - 27 Oct 2014
Risto Puurunen: "Shadows in the Air" exhibition
Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 Helsinki, Finland.
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21 July 2014 - 30 July 2014
Nordic Tracks Festival, Pärnu, Estonia
The Baltic Premiere of Kinobox Obscura 3D camera obscura.

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30 April 2014 - 6 July 2014
Museum Laboratorio Arte Alameda, México, D.F.

"Parallax - Geographical Resonances" -exhibition

KO Casa 3D and KO Silvershadow - 3D camerae obscurae

2 July 2013 - 10 July 2013
Kinobox Obscura in Pärnu, Estonia at Pärnu Fideo (Film & Video) Fest.

12 June 2013 - 16 June 2013
Kinobox Obscura in the Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland
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+358 40 772 9010 / Juho Poesiloe Pöysti

KO Casa 3D, Mexico City
Probably the First 3D Camera Obscura in the World 2014


KO Silvershadow Mark 2 – 2015

KO Casa 3D

KO Silvershadow

The mobile camera obscura.

The mobile camera obscura KO Silvershadow (video by LAA).

In the video above the Kinobox Obscura mobile camera obscura called KO Silvershadow. (If the video starts from the beginning fast-forward to 1:57). The clip is from a workshop for kids, by LAA.

KO Silvershadow Mark 2
The 2015 European version of KO 3D camera obscura bike

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3D Camera Obscura Baltic Premiere - July 2014

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Sodankylä, Finland
First KO Camera Obscura
Kinobox Obscura in the Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland 2013

The video is shot all action backwards.